Why I love to travel.

04/04/2016 Main

Hi folks its Nelly here with my latest ramblings. I hope you are all doing well! I thought for this blog entry I would talk a little more about why exactly I love to travel. I mentioned in my introduction to the blog that when I was younger I was actually scared of the thought of traveling. I guess none of my family had really travelled much so I had nothing to aspire to in that respect. As a lover of art, culture and history though I soon realised how important travel could be in moulding  me as a person. I realised that there was so much more to my life than just the everyday mundane existence of working  a 9-5 job or having a family at a young age. For me these were not aspirational things and I longed for something more. Read more


10/03/2016 Main

Hey Guys its Nelly here! So I am currently trying to tick off as many European cities as I can and most recently I got the chance to travel to Budapest! Wow, what a beautiful city. So for those of you who have never been, Budapest is a city of two halves – on the one side of the river you have Buda and on the other you have Pest. The city itself really does have something for everyone from the beautiful historic architecture, the outdoor café culture, cheap beer to hidden cocktail bars and underground raves. It really is a city that you can while away the hours wondering around and absorbing the culture and charm. Read more

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08/01/2016 Main

Hello again, my name’s Nelly, sorry it’s took me a while to update the blog, been a busy bee. I hope you enjoyed my first few articles and I really hope you’re considering visiting Killarney at some point. Well it’s that time of year now where the weather isn’t great so most people just end up stuck in the house not really doing anything other than watching TV or playing games. I don’t let a little thing like the weather stop me and if it just means wearing a few more layers of clothing, then sticking on a pair of gloves, a scarf and a woolly hat, then so be it. Read more

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16/12/2015 Main

Hope you enjoyed reading my post on Killarney, it really is my favourite place to visit when I’m in Ireland. This post is about something completely different, It had been sitting in the box waiting for a test drive on my next break away after a friend had recommend I buy one as they’d heard good things. Well last weekend I got my chance to try it out on a weekend away to, yes, you guessed it Killarney. After writing about Killarney in my last post, it really got me reminiscing so I thought why not, let’s go for a long weekend. I had to wrap up but it’s still beautiful no matter what time of the year. Read more

Visit Killarney

08/12/2015 Main

Hello and welcome back to Nelly’s Travel Blog. Before we move onto the rest of the world, I wanted to talk about a place which I hold dear to my heart. I’m an Irish bird so I spent many of my childhood days visiting the beautiful spots in Ireland with me Ma and Da. The place we used to visit the most and which is absolutely stunning, is Killarney. You’d definitely class Killarney as what you’d call a walking town. It is full of history everywhere you turn. It was Ireland’s first National Park and spans over 26,000 acres. The beautiful woodland is teaming with wildlife and natural beauty. The sandstone mountains look truly picturesque with the low-lying lakes scattered all around. Read more


Welcome to Nelly's Travel Blog

28/11/2015 Main

I was always too scared to travel when I was younger and found the idea of travelling around a bunch of foreign countries, real scary, now I can’t get enough of it and travelling really is my passion. My name is Nelly at this is my Travel blog, hope you like it. Join in with your travel stories and travel tips, favourite destinations and so on, keep following my blog, I’ll be posting again soon. Read more