Best mobile phone for Travel

Hello again, my name’s Nelly, sorry it’s took me a while to update the blog, been a busy bee. I hope you enjoyed my first few articles and I really hope you’re considering visiting Killarney at some point. Well it’s that time of year now where the weather isn’t great so most people just end up stuck in the house not really doing anything other than watching TV or playing games. I don’t let a little thing like the weather stop me and if it just means wearing a few more layers of clothing, then sticking on a pair of gloves, a scarf and a woolly hat, then so be it.

Appreciating the different Seasons

I think it’s great to get out all year round as each season has something new to offer. I enjoyed the Christmas period as there’s always Christmas fairs to visit in the Towns and Cities all with their own theme. I was in the UK visiting friends and went to a German market in Birmingham which was a little different. We also went to another one nearby in Worcester whilst we were there. I love sipping on the mulled wine and getting in the Christmas cheer. I love autumn as its when you see all the leaves change colours on the trees. I visited the Lake District in the UK around October time last year. We went on some boat trips down the lakes and the leaves of the trees running along the banks had a wonderful contrast of yellow, orange & red colours. Spring is beautiful for the opposite reason. After the winter where many of the leaves have died away, you see colour return and along with it all the wildlife. I just love going to my local park this time of year. Summer is the time where you can get out the most and I love visiting the local beer garden for a few drinks with friends if I’ve not get a trip away planned that is.

Back to the Point

OK, well I’ve deviated a bit from the subject of this article so I suppose it’s time I got back to the point. As someone who likes to get out, I spend a lot of time travelling around which means I might be spending long periods on public transport, I might be trying to find my way around a National Park or navigating a big City. Now I don’t want a mobile phone for the sake of it but having one to hand is definitely a lifesaver in some situations. I’m all for doing things the old fashioned way but like it or not, mobiles offer great benefits. If you’re stuck and need help, you’re only ever a phone call away. If you’re lost, then your navigation system will guide you. If you stumble across something interesting and want to know more about it, the internet is at your fingertips and if you meet somebody along the way who you want to keep in touch with or you find a restaurant you really enjoyed, you’ve got your phone there to take down details or share information.


Finding the right mobile Travel Companion

So as you see, having the right mobile travel companion is important. I searched high and low and now I’ve found the perfect one for me and I couldn’t be happier. You might be like my sister, she refuses to buy a smartphone and still uses an old Nokia just for emergency phone calls. She searched phones for sale and found a trusty old Nokia 3210 which she loves. Bought it second-hand for pretty much nothing. She uses that and her maps & she’s happy as Larry.



Anyway, I bought the Google Nexus 6P after being recommended it by a friend and I think it’s perfect for travel. I’ve got other things that aid me like a small pocket Bluetooth speaker and portable battery charger. I’ve also downloaded all the best apps I could to assist me wherever I go. There’s so many apps these days and you download maps in case when you’re out and about you can’t get a data connection. This phone wasn’t cheap but I’ve got cover on the insurance with my bank so if anything goes wrong, I don’t have to worry. It is top of the range so I won’t be replacing it any time soon. The company who made this Google smartphone are Huawei and they’re a brand that’s apparently really improving. It’s the perfect size for me at 6-inches as my eyes aren’t great so no problem reading the screen when I’m looking at maps. It’s superfast when I’m using any apps and the camera is superb so no need to carry another camera in my bag. There were a couple of things it didn’t have but they were nothing I care about so it wasn’t worth spending lots more on an iPhone or latest Samsung, I’m very happy and can recommend it to all travellers.