Dressing Appropriately

Hey everyone, really excited that you decided to join me today. I wanted to make a more informative post on my travel blog today,so apologies to everyone that comes here to see cool lists and reviews of places to go. Today I wanted to talk about dressing appropriately for the places you are visiting as it seems to be a huge problem with travelers right now. It might have been a problem for years, but my limited experience shows there!

When I was driving down the road past one of the local villages today I saw these girls who were jogging. Jogging is fine, I think everyone should do some sort of physical exercise every day and jogging is a great way to do that. The issue is that these girls only had half of their jogging outfits on. One girl had a sports compression bra that stopped above her ribs, and the other girl was wearing some sort of compression tank top that managed to show off her shoulders and belly button at the same time.

I am all for people wearing they want, and expressing their bodies and all that jazz. What I am not for is people having no respect for local cultures. I stopped these girls and told them what they were wearing was not appropriate in most areas in the country let alone on village roads. They simple waved me off, thinking that I was some westerner who was impressed with their body. This kind of arrogance give all of us travellers a bad name, and is best saved for at home where your parents will hopefully tell you off for it.

 respecting cultures