Severin Travel Steam Iron

Hope you enjoyed reading my post on Killarney, it really is my favourite place to visit when I’m in Ireland. This post is about something completely different, It had been sitting in the box waiting for a test drive on my next break away after a friend had recommend I buy one as they’d heard good things. Well last weekend I got my chance to try it out on a weekend away to, yes, you guessed it Killarney. After writing about Killarney in my last post, it really got me reminiscing so I thought why not, let’s go for a long weekend. I had to wrap up but it’s still beautiful no matter what time of the year.

The fact that I had to pack my case with extra clothes meant that they all needed a good iron when I got them out the case so having my travel iron handy proved to be a godsend. On my recent trips away, I’ve gambled on ironing facilities being provided for me as my old iron had packed-up. Should have bought one of these beauties soon.

I won’t go into all the specs etc but all you need to know is that it’s the best travel steam iron I’ve ever used by far. It produces plenty of steam, and might even be better than the full size iron I use at home. You’ll pick one up for under €20 euros if you scout about online. I know you blokes won’t be interested but for you women out there who like to look presentable then this iron is a great choice and makes ironing whilst holidaying a lot less tedious than cheaper less able models. I never said I enjoyed ironing, but there’s definitely ways to make it easier and less of a choir.