Travel Items Checklist

Welcome everyone! Any of my regular readers will know exactly where they are, and for any new readers welcome to my travel and tourism blog. Whenever I set out to go travelling, the first thing I make for myself is a checklist of items I will need for my travels. This varies depending on where I am going, how long I will be staying as well as the budget for my travels but there some things that always stay constant, that you will need no matter where you travels bring you. I decided to create a list of some of this items, to give any first time or beginners travelers a bit of help when packing. Being the frugal traveler that I am, all of my items are purchased used from and I advise you all to do the same as it allows for a bigger travelling budget.

Main Luggage

You will be bringing stuff with you no matter what, so picking out what you will be storing everything in and living out of is an important decision. Will you be going from airport to airport and needing a rolling suitcase? Or will you be doing a quick trip for the long weekend and only need a duffle bag? Usually I try to have either a rolling suitcase or a travel backpack depending on where I am going and how much stuff I am bringing with me. You might still be wondering “what size would be best for me?” and to answer that question you really have to look at the bags. If you go to a sports or travel store such as stores around the UK, you will find different sized rucksacks to try on. I found that the 80 litre bag was a good fit for me, and thanks to I was able to purchase a lightly used one for very cheap.


Travel Backpack 

Toiletry Bag

Every traveller has been there. You have a long day in some form of transport, then you have trouble getting to your hostel/hotel/guesthouse and when you finally get in you go to the bathroom for a well deserved session on the toilet and in the shower only to find that there is not toilet paper anywhere and the soap smells like hot garbage. If you are smart and planned for this however, you can open up your toiletry bag and everything is okay. If you have yet to purchase a bag for your toiletries, consider looking at the bags for sale on I bought a really cheap one off there and I love it. If you are going to somewhere like Nepal for travelling, then this is a must have.

Toiletry Bag

More to Come

That is about all the time I have today, next time I will try to cover some of the things to put inside these bags. I hope you all liked this post, and if you want to read more of my similar posts then why not read about the different chips from around the world. Talk to you all again soon!

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