Visit Killarney

Hello and welcome back to Nelly’s Travel Blog. Before we move onto the rest of the world, I wanted to talk about a place which I hold dear to my heart. I’m an Irish bird so I spent many of my childhood days visiting the beautiful spots in Ireland with me Ma and Da. The place we used to visit the most and which is absolutely stunning, is Killarney. You’d definitely class Killarney as what you’d call a walking town. It is full of history everywhere you turn. It was Ireland’s first National Park and spans over 26,000 acres. The beautiful woodland is teaming with wildlife and natural beauty. The sandstone mountains look truly picturesque with the low-lying lakes scattered all around.

Killarney National Park also has its very own Castle. You can take a boat from Ross Castle and experience the lovely sights by water. Over the years its continued to be a very popular tourist destination, especially for the Irish Nationals. There’s no other place outside of Dublin with more guesthouses and places to stay so you’ll have no problem finding a bed there. Next time you’re in Ireland, forget about everywhere else, head straight to Killarney, you won’t find anywhere more beautiful this side of the water. Trust me, I’ve been all over Ireland in my time and this is one of those places that I’ll never get tired of going back to again and again. Just make sure you bring your walking boots and not your high-heels.