Why I love to travel.

Hi folks its Nelly here with my latest ramblings. I hope you are all doing well! I thought for this blog entry I would talk a little more about why exactly I love to travel. I mentioned in my introduction to the blog that when I was younger I was actually scared of the thought of traveling. I guess none of my family had really travelled much so I had nothing to aspire to in that respect. As a lover of art, culture and history though I soon realised how important travel could be in moulding  me as a person. I realised that there was so much more to my life than just the everyday mundane existence of working  a 9-5 job or having a family at a young age. For me these were not aspirational things and I longed for something more.

One day I just decided that I needed to leave, before the age of 19 I had never left Ireland and so many people in my local town had not either and most likely never would. It was a scary prospect but I was determined! First on my list was to see as many European cities as I could so I took planes, ferries and lots of trains and travelled around most of Europe taking about 6 months all in all. Wow, what an experience it was! I have always been quite an introverted character but traveling alone I endeavoured to build up my confidence and let my hair down a little. I really did try to embrace the local culture where ever I went and made a conscious effort to get to know as many different people as I could. I really learnt a lot about myself through this first travel experience, particularly what people are capable of if they forget their inhabitations and just let go. Traveling really did change my life and I haven’t looked back since!